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Government buildings have a responsibility to be solid and safe, and that is what we can provide with our expert masonry. Jost Masonry has been serving western North Dakota since 1984 and have proved above and beyond our reliability. Our masonry experts work hard to provide quality customer care, whether they are an individual home owner or a government agency.
Jost Masonry is registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR)

We provide a wide array of services including, but not limited to;

  • brick
  • stone
  • interior
  • exterior
  • steps
  • fireplaces
  • retaining walls
  • pathways

Government buildings are traditionally brick and stone, and we want to be a part of building onto that tradition. Building with brick or stone not alone gives a clean earthy atmosphere, but also lowers the heating and cooling costs, and lowers the maintenance costs on the building. Brick and stone continues to prove itself through the ages as the economic and aesthetic choice.
We are western North Dakota’s premiere masonry experts and we want to provide you with quality mason work. We encourage you to look through our website and scroll through the pictures to see our beautiful craftsmanship. Contact us today to see our displays of all available products and services and to let us know how we can provide that same superior building artistry.